2023: The Year of Hope

Olga Skipper
2 min readDec 10, 2022


Well, hello… 2022 is about to end, and … this is the first and potentially the last piece I am writing this year. Well, 2022 happened, you know.

Yet, keeping this yearly tradition, I am about to tell you what the next year will be about.

If you want to look back at 2022 predictions, here it is.

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Without further ado 2023, here are the Top 5 pieces of advice from me for 2023:

Things are much clearer than you think they are

Stepping into 2023 might feel scary. What else is going to happen? What else is in stock?

Despite our inability to predict how essential topics such as economic crisis and war might develop, things are getting clearer. The lay of the land is here.

If 2020 and 2022 destroyed the world as we know it, 2023 would be a year of getting to know where we have landed.

My general advice is to look around and see what changed and shifted, who left your life, who became your ally, and what needs to be done in 2023. Plan! But take into account the following 4 items.

Focus on yourself

Put your mask first on yourself and then on your child.

People around you will be in a state of shock, some depression, emotional instability, etc. You can’t please anyone, and neither can you help them unfreeze; the only thing you can do — is take care of yourself and your own energy.

Don’t expect things to get better fast.

And what I definitely can’t promise you is a speedy recovery. Hence the comment above. We all are chronically tired; some are in financial trouble, and some lost meaningful relationships and jobs and moved countries. And we need to accumulate our energy first before we collectively can move forward.

Forgive (yourself)

This one is definitely the hardest for me. Forgive yourself and your closest ones. None of us has ever experienced what we are going through, and we are definitely not the best versions of ourselves. To move forward, we need to forgive ourselves first. Make a list of all things you are punishing yourself for, things that haven’t been achieved, and things that broke. And forgive yourself. All good. Move on.

Get curious and creative.

Looking back, we will name 2023 as the year of new beginnings, where new companies, business models, communities, and new … everything… were born.

I named this article a year of hope for a reason. We all need hope. Yet only we can create it. Look around. What is old and needs to be changed? The industry do you belong to? The company you are running? What was built before 2020 and doesn’t serve us anymore? Change it.

And I will do my share as well.

Happy 2023 everyone:)



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