Old Parts of Self

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For quite a long time in my life, I have been the “CEO.” The CEO is not just a job. This is a way of thinking.

After I transitioned to coaching, my internal “CEO” unexpectedly proved to be a gratifying skill both for myself and for my clients.

If you have advanced enough self-growth and self-discovery, you know that personality is not singular but a plural one. There is a lot of us in us. It’s like a company in which each sub-personality has its own role; each sub-personality loves to control what is happening and has its own needs.

Such a circus on wheels. And unfortunately, all these monkeys are mine :) (from the old Polish saying “not my circus, not my monkeys”)

And I am their “CEO.”

Often people misunderstand the area of ​​responsibility of this person — the CEO. It is not about knowing everything or always finding the right answer.

It is about maintaining the integrity and unity of the organization and the team on the way to the result.

So I, looking at the parts of myself, solve conflicts of interest, help them negotiate and act together.

But sometimes, there comes a moment when some part gets in the way of my vision of the future. She feels threatened or sees a risk to my entire system, and as a result, begins to fight for power and a place in the sun.

Like an old soldier who was not told that the war was over, as an employee whose skills and abilities, and sometimes just a personality type, no longer fit this system.

When you’re a CEO, you get used to the inevitability of team change. Some people will have to be released or asked to leave the organization for its good and, frankly, for the good of the employee himself. Sometimes, such an employee can be offered a different position or training plan to grow into a new role. This is the best option.

The main task here is not to devalue and not break off relations with the employees who have “served their purpose.”

So it is within oneself, sometimes you need to offer your old parts a different position. From a clear understanding of their strengths and the needs of the whole personality. With love, care, and respect.

No drama and no reproach. Because this is not a goodbye, it is only a Guard Mounting.



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Olga Skipper

Olga Skipper


Executive coach and organizational culture consultant. Asking uncomfortable questions. http://olgaskipper.com